Developed by RecyQ under the umbrella of Startup in Residence Amsterdam. A clean tech social enterprise; solutions 4 smart city 0-waste challenges; Internet of Garbage applications; rotating bike plan & solar impact ventures


Spillage is a hot topic when talking about Zero Waste in Amsterdam. Just on food alone we throw away on average €150 per person per year. If you include plastics, paper, textiles, organics and e-waste then the city of Amsterdam as a whole throws away €25 million a year worth of valuable resources that we burn in waste-to-energy incinerators. That’s a mayor let out for residents, the environment and

the circular economy.


The introduction in selected communities of mobile app technology, zero waste stores, coupled to a Save-As-You- Throw incentive system for paper, glas, plastic & textile; coloured reusable bags for @home waste separation, worm composting hotels and endorsement by existing City Waste management systems and housing authorities has proven to be an effective tool for achieving zero waste objectives, raising awareness with citizens, reducing costs, environmental burden & increasing efficiency for collection and recycling of waste.


Our 0-waste platform for smart cities is live in the boroughs of Bijlmer-Centrum, H-Buurt, Holendrecht and  Venserpolder in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

*GO UPCYCLE!: The award winning rotating bike plan. RecyQ refurbishes abandoned Amsterdam orphan bikes >> 10 bikes at the time; we already put 250 bikes on the road over a 1000 repairs and counting. We make sure abandoned Amsterdam bikes get a second chance, also as a resource to empower bike mechanics and volunteers with barriers to employment. Supplier to the City of Amsterdam Women Biking Program. From the proceeds of the rotating bike plan we support the installation of solar panels on public schools in the Dominican Republic.


Since 2010 we support the installation of solar PV panels on public school in the Dominican Republic. In the northern province of Puerto Plata, in the towns of Sosua, Bella Vista and Cabarete we have supported the installation of solar PV at three public schools to help improve education and hygiene by providing access to reliable electricity for lights, fans, water pump, computers and Internet.

Bella Vista Public School – Installed 2017

Puerto Cabarete Public School – Installed 2012

Callejón de la Loma Public School – Installed 2010


We went we saw and we recycled after ourselves. The first Smart City NYC and Smart Cities Startup Bootcamp //powered by The Netherlands. Started spreading the zero waste dream in New York in 2017. Involve more communities, get smart cities on board 2020, make a positive impact on our children’s planet.


We went to the Smart City Expo World Congress 2017 and preached the zero waste dream in Barcelona. Involve more communities, get smart cities on board 2020, make a positive impact on our children’s planet. Won the award for Circular Innovation Program with Amsterdam.

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