Our Privacy Policy

In this privacy statement you will find important information about which personal data RECYQ Foundation incorporates when you use the (“the RecyQ App”), visit our website or otherwise provide us with personal data. By creating an account in our RecyQ App or by using our services and products in any other way, you agree to the terms of this privacy statement and the processing of your personal data. In addition, this privacy statement also contains provisions that apply to you as a user of the RecyQ App. We therefore recommend that you carefully read this privacy statement.

In our processing we comply with the requirements set by the Personal Data Protection Act. RecyQ is responsible for data processing. In this privacy statement we explain which personal data we collect and use and for what purpose.

The RecyQ App that provides the service is available free for mobile download via an App platform from third parties (Apple App store & Google Play Store). We have no influence on which personal data the provider processes and for which. We recommend that you read the relevant privacy statements from the relevant provider.

Which personal data are processed?


In order to use the RecyQ App and service, you must first register. After registration, we save via the user name you have chosen and personal information you provide. We keep this information so that we can recognize you after logging in and you can retrieve your previously provided data.

Provision to third parties

We will not pass on the data linked to your user name to third parties, unless this is legally required or necessary with regard to the functioning of the product. In the event of a suspicion of fraud or abuse, we can hand over personal data to the competent authorities.

In order to register for the RecyQ App, we ask you the following information:

  • Your email address
  • Your name, address, post code and telephone number
  • Preferred location for handing in separate glass, paper, plastic, textiles, e-waste and bio-stream

Why are these data processed?

Access to account, recycling dashboard, CO2 tokens and webshop

By registering as a user of the RecyQ App it is possible for you to access your collected data that provide insight into the kilo amount of your separated materials; saved CO2 (13 kg separated waste = 20 kg CO2 = 1 tree that grows for a year) as well as RecyQ CO2 tokens [every 35 kg of returned glass, paper, plastic, textile, e-waste, or bio-stream generates 1 CO2 token] the saved tokens can be exchanged for discount at participating retailers. As long as the stock lasts. You can request a new password and you can also access your data on other devices.


RecyQ uses the data you collect by using the RecyQ App for research. This will always be anonymous. The aim of the research is to gain more insight into how the use of the App can be effective in helping to promote waste separation, up / recycling and zero waste with the aim of reducing waste, increasing recycling and composting.

Improvement of the RecyQ App

In addition, we keep anonymous data to analyze the use of the RecyQ App so that we can, among other things, improve the functionality and layout of the RecyQ App, adapt the RecyQ App to the preferences of users and help us to develop new functionalities and systems.

How your data are stored securely

We take security measures to limit abuse of and prevent unauthorized access to personal data. The data you provide to RecyQ are stored in a secure environment. In particular, we take the following measures:

  • Access to personal data is protected with a username and password
  • Passwords are stored encrypted
  • Secured communication with server (HTTPS / SSL)
  • The physical access to the servers where the data is stored is limited to authorized persons only.


We keep statistics, but this is always anonymous. These statistics relate to the use of the RecyQ App and the website traffic.

Receiving e-mails and notifications

Finally, we can contact you by e-mail. For example, we send can you an e-mail to verify your e-mail address and we can send you e-mails about important developments, such as a changes to the general terms and conditions or if important changes or activities will take place on the RecyQ platform. We can also invite you to cooperate voluntarily and without obligation.

Access, correction and deletion of your personal data

You have the right to ask us to inspect the personal data we process about you and the right to have your data supplemented, deleted or protected if they are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant or in violation of a legal prescription are processed. In that case, we can ask you to identify you adequately. Our contact details are included at the bottom of this privacy statement.

Change of privacy statement

RecyQ reserves the right to change its privacy policy and this privacy statement from time to time. The most recent version of our privacy statement will always be included in the RecyQ App and Website. We therefore recommend that you consult the privacy statement from time to time. We will try to inform you by e-mail about important changes. This privacy statement was last amended on 23 November 2018.

Contact details

If you have questions about the processing of your personal data or if you want to request access to or correction and / or deletion of your personal data, please contact us via the following address:

Stichting RecyQ – Zero Waste International

Jan Hendrikstraat 7A

2512 GK The Hague

Email: [email protected]


Tel: +31 (0)6-36537264

Chamber of Commerce: 68563795